Monday, June 19, 2006

Killer Bunnies' cards

Momma is making some new additions to Daddy's Killer Bunnies game. She bought some Bunny Blanks for $6 at the game store in Kettering and so far has made three. She plans to add Samwise and me into the game too but we won't pose for her!
Here's her first one: The Dreaded Lint Roller. She got her inspiration from us of course. We're shedding again and she has to use the lint roller on us sometimes beacause none of our brushes work. Of course we try to run away from it! We like to groom ourselves.


Blogger Simone said...

Hrmph. We can groom ourselves just fine.

Hay, why is Mama laughing so hard?!

10:17 AM  

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